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Re: New to list - looking for input on Subscription Ven dors Jim Flury (27 Apr 2004 14:39 UTC)

Re: New to list - looking for input on Subscription Ven dors Jim Flury 27 Apr 2004 14:39 UTC

We have used Wolper as our agent since February, 2003. For background,
we are a consortium of 60+ mostly public libraries located in suburban
Detroit. Of the 60, approximately 50 of the libraries consolidate their
sub orders with us.

We were a Faxon customer forever, and when they imploded at the end of
2002 we figured that we'd be in really bad shape for 2003 (fortunately
we hadn't paid Faxon any money, so we didn't lose anything, either). We
contracted with Wolper in February of 2003, and they were really good
about getting the subs re-started. . Everything can be done online;
renewals, claims, new orders, etc. After a little better than a year of
working with them I'd have to say that we remain very pleased with their

Jim Flury
Head of Acquisitions
The Library Network
Southgate, MI
734-281-3830 x133

Mary Logue wrote:

>Does anyone have any experience with Wolper Subscription Services? I saw
>them at ALA Midwinter and liked what I saw, but I was wondering if
>anyone was actually using them and would be willing to share any
>Mary Logue
>Westmont College
>Voskuyl Library
>955 La Paz Rd.
>Santa Barbara, Ca 93108
>phone: (805) 565-6251 fax (805) 565-6220
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>Subject: Re: [SERIALST] New to list - looking for input on Subscrition
>Ven dors
> Serial Hive is a subscription agency that handles small to mid-sized
>collections and is worth your inquiry. Their website is
> While we do not subscribe to their services,
>have found Mark Bazzetta,the managing director, to be personable,
>and very interested in representing the specific needs of his customers.
>can be reached at 773-244-2487.
>Sue Marshall
>Montana State University
>Bozeman, MT 59715
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>Subject: [SERIALST] New to list - looking for input on Subscrition
>According to my job title, I am no longer a librarian, but those roots
>run deep and I need to resolve what I see as information management
>problems. I have been with this organization for a couple months. There
>is no formal library, but there is a room where people are supposed to
>shelve periodicals they receive - some do, some don't. I have proposed
>that we look at using a subscription agency to manage the subscriptions
>so there is at least a formal inventory of who gets what. I think there
>will be some savings in terms of 1) less use of document delivery
>services if people can find what they need in house, 2) fewer POs/Check
>Requests for accounting to handle and process, 3) potential discounts.
>I am in the first stages of looking into this so do not have a list of
>publications. We will possibly be looking at converting some print into
>institutional electronic subscriptions.  I know there are a lot of very
>technical medical journals (Blood, Biology of Blood and Marrow
>Transplantation, Current Opinions in Oncology...) as well as some more
>mainstream publications.
>I have searched SERIALST from Jan 2003 to date for information and found
>some good information including find Rolo Turner's "Criteria for
>Selecting a Subscription Agent. I also learned about the Faxon
>bancruptcy (they were my vendor in the late 1980s). It has been 10 years
>since I have managed subscriptions through an agency. In the past, I've
>used Faxon, EBSCO and Readmore. Who should I be looking at? Any plusses
>or minuses for any specific vendors? What are current fees? Anything I
>should specifically look for in a vendor?
>Thank you in advance for your assistance!
>Mary Senneka
>Business Development & Market Research Manager
>National Marrow Donor Program
>3001 Broadway St. NE Suite 500
>Minneapolis, MN  55413

Jim Flury
Head of Acquisitions Services
The Library Network
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