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Taylor & Francis. Christopher Allen Waldrop (29 Apr 2004 18:30 UTC)

Taylor & Francis. Christopher Allen Waldrop 29 Apr 2004 18:30 UTC

Dear librarians,

We've been having an extraordinary amount of trouble with our
Taylor & Francis subscriptions. We order several direct, and the
problem seems to be that our payments go to their lock box in
Chicago, get processed, then disappear. I've had to request two
copies of cancelled checks from our accounting department so far,
and I'm afraid there will be others. The customer service people
have tried to be as helpful as they can, but apparently there's no
communication between the office in Chicago and their customer
service department in Philadelphia.

Are any other libraries having this problem? I think we're going to
move our subscriptions to a vendor in 2005, but that doesn't help
us with the current year. And if it's a problem with how Taylor &
Francis is processing all their payments then I'm concerned
switching to a vendor won't help.

Christopher Allen Waldrop
Serials Coordinator
Order Services Department
Vanderbilt University Library
Ph: 615-343-3831
Fax: 615-343-8834