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Re: Applied Economics Quarterly (Konjunkturpolitik) vtaffurelli 02 Apr 2004 13:34 UTC

Good morning, all.

I haven't seen a response to this question yet and just had a chance to
investigate it myself.  The inside
front cover of vol. 48, no. 3-4 (2002) contains an explanation.  "After 48
volumes publishing mostly
German articles, all future contributions will be in English."

Beginning with 1994, the English title appeared on the cover in smaller
print below the German title
(ISSN 0023-3498).  Previous issues had only  German title.  With vol. 49,
no. 1 (2003), the English
title is prominent on the cover with the German title in smaller print
below (ISSN 1611-6607).  In
addition, the cover is now white;  previous volumes were blue.

I hope this information is helpful.

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Has anyone else come across a title change for this journal? Originally
it was a German-language journal w/brief English abstracts (OCLC#:
1783320; ISSN: 0023-3498). The OCLC record remains open (1954-9999).
However, I've got (what appears to be) a title/language change: Applied
Economics Quarterly (Konjunkturpolitik), ISSN: 1611-6607. Item-in-hand
is Vol. 49, no. 2 (2003), which fits in with the original numbering.
This new (?) version is entirely in English, though. Both are published
by Dunker & Humblot in Berlin, but they seem to have different people on
their editorial boards. Applied Economics Quarterly doesn't have an OCLC

Is Applied Economics Quarterly superseding the German-language
Konjunkturpolitik, or could it be a parallel English-language
publication of some sort? Any clues would be greatly appreciated... I'm
new to serials cataloging.


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