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Re: Print Journal Usage Carmel Yurochko 30 Apr 2004 13:13 UTC

Hello Rachel,

Here at Duquesne University, we have used the "sweep" method to gather
usage statistics on our print journals for a number of years.  All of
our journals are available to the public.  Routinely throughout the day,
staff picks up the unbound journals from tables and the area by the

We have an ACCESS database file of all of these titles. We do not define
"use". We do not attempt to discover how the journals were used, we just
take the fact that since they were not on their shelves, they were used.
We simply enter a "one" or add "one" to the present statistic in the

We also attempted another method a while ago.  We were "taping" our
currents shut w/folder labels, and posted instructions for patrons to
break the labels to use.  We would then use the sweep method and once a
week go through all of the currents to see which labels were broken.
This was less than successful for us because our budget prevented us
from using the correct labels and we were forced to use what we had on
hand. They were old and some of the labels were releasing before they
even hit the current journal shelves.  Needless to say, our statistics
were over the top and less than accurate.

We have used our use statistics to make cancellation decisions.  We were
once confronted w/faculty to did not agree w/our statistics and so we
moved a select number of titles into a secure area.  Anyone wishing to
use them had to fill in a form at the front desk. We then compiled usage
statistics for these titles and cancelled them because the cost per use
did not justify our keeping them.  The faculty was still unhappy but we
had secure numbers to back up our decisions.

Hope this helps.  Good luck,
Carmel Yurochko
Carmel Yurochko
Serials/Electronic Resources Librarian
Psychology Dept. Liaison
Duquesne University
The Gumberg Library
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
fax 412.396-5639

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Dear all,

at the moment we are considering how to measure the usage of our print
journal collection. We have a journal reading room here for the current
issues - one part of the room is presented subject focussed and is
freely accessible by our patrons. The remaining journals are in the back
of the room and the issues wanted have to be fetched by the enquiry
staff located in the reading room. Now I was wondering if anyone of you
has experiences with print journal usage analysis and is willing to
share this with us?

Thanks for your help in advance and best wishes from sunny Bremen


Rachel Ellis
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