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NASIG Conference: Lunch connection topics Eleanor Cook 03 Apr 2004 16:20 UTC

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 If you're planning to attend the NASIG 2004 Annual Conference, you'll
have the opportunity to participate in a number of new events. One of
these new events is Lunch Connections discussion groups.  On Saturday,
June 19, along with the traditional open lunch, conference attendees may
opt to participate in themed small group discussions.  The Lunch
Connections discussions will be informal, focused, and highly participatory.

 The Program Planning Committee would like to know what issues
conference attendees would be most interested in discussing. Therefore,
the Committee is seeking suggestions for Lunch Connections topics.
Topics should be specific enough so that a fairly thorough discussion
can take place during the luncheon period.

 If you have ideas for Lunch Connections topics and/or would like to
lead a discussion group, please send them by April 16th to Sandy Folsom

 Thank you.