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U.N. DEPOSITORY - COSTS Lesley Tweddle 05 Apr 2004 08:04 UTC

Dear colleagues,

(Please pardon duplicate postings.)

We have had an inquiry of the type "I should have contacted you much
earlier about this".  It is: what are the start-up and the annual costs
of the library becoming a UN Depository Library?  As you can imagine,
the inquirer needs the answer last week.

So can any of you help?  Don't bother about dollars, but I'd love to
know any or all of the following - per year, per week, per whatever you
find most convenient:

--how many documents arrive?
--how many hours does it take to receive, check in, and shelve and
reshelve the UN documents (assuming they are kept in document number
order with a finding tool, not given pukkah catalog records?)
--but if anyone does give them pukkah catalog records, how many hours
does that take?
--how many square feet, metres, or acres of space do they consume?
(e.g. how old is your collection, & what size of room is it in?)
--how many hours are spent giving access help / instruction in the use
of the collection?
--how many pamphlet boxes do you buy per year?

--any other item that might materially affect the running costs.

Thank you VERY MUCH.

Lesley Tweddle, tel. 797-6912

Head, Serials Department,
American University in Cairo - Libraries & Learning Technologies.
American University in Cairo, Library - Serials, 11 Youssef el-Guindy
Street, Bab el-Louk, Cairo 11511, Egypt.
FAX 792-3824.  International dialling code from USA 011-202; from UK