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Re: Foreign MLS? Garry Church 05 Apr 2004 18:11 UTC

This is a slippery slope. Accept non-ALA degrees, then accept a BA, then where are the salaries?  Should be, that person needs to apply to a US school, have her credits evaluated and get the ALA approved degree - it couldn't that much more schooling if the coursework were equivalent. People know that when they come to a new country their credentials are not equivalent, and need to be upgraded.

Universities overseas are very different. Canada and other similar countries may have similar requirements as US schools, but the developing world is very different.

Hiring foreign degrees lowers the value of US librarians. We all have a responsibility to support US degree holders and also support in the struggle for realistic and livable wages. We live here, pay our taxes here, we paid the price to study here, how can we justify hiring those who breeze in with less than acceptable credentials.

Exporting jobs or bringing in foreigners to work  is the same thing - fewer jobs for americans. Sorry if this sounds not PC, but it's a fact.  If  there are not enough librarians, that's because the pay is too low. Justify this in face of increasing administrative salaries at most US universities.

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We require an ALA-accredited MLS for all librarian positions.  Last
year, we had a librarian with an MLS from an Indian library school
apply.  Since ALA only accredits library schools in the United States
and Canada, we weren't sure whether we should accept her application.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?  If so, how did your library
handle it?  We are trying to develop a policy for such cases. Your
thoughts, insights, etc. would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Jenifer Holman

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