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Re: reliable cataloging records? Steve Shadle (05 Apr 2004 21:24 UTC)

Re: reliable cataloging records? Steve Shadle 05 Apr 2004 21:24 UTC

Michael -- 040 OCLCQ means that the OCLC Quality Control Section has
edited the master record.  Could be for *any* number of reasons: link
maintenance, authority control, correcting errors, etc.  I wouldn't
consider it to "generally mean it is a reliable cataloging record" as they
could have been going in to add a link and wouldn't have pieces in hand to
verify other elements.  As a CONSER member, I would hope the 042 code
would be a more reliable indicator (but others with more experience may
not agree).  Obviously, whatever work they are doing on the record would
be accurate and follow current standards.  Hope this helps.  -Steve

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On Fri, 2 Apr 2004, Spencer, Michael wrote:

>      We use the OCLC database to catalog some government documents. I
> wonder--if the designation OCLCQ is used in the 040 field, does this
> generally mean it is a reliable cataloging record?
>         Michael Spencer