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Re: Foreign MLS? Dan Lester (06 Apr 2004 20:47 UTC)

Re: Foreign MLS? Dan Lester 06 Apr 2004 20:47 UTC

Monday, April 5, 2004, 12:11:54 PM, you wrote:

GC> Hiring foreign degrees lowers the value of US librarians. We all have a responsibility to
GC> support US degree holders and also support in the struggle
GC> for realistic and livable wages.
GC> We live here, pay our taxes here, we paid the price to study
GC> here, how can we justify hiring
GC> those who breeze in with less than acceptable credentials.

I've certainly never been noted for being PC, and understand and agree
with part of your rant quoted above.  However, to suggest that library
degrees from UK, NZ, AU, or other countries aren't as good, if not
better, than those from US schools is highly dubious at best.  I've
investigated some of those in the past and would have no hesitation
about having my degree from some of those schools.  As to the
University of Timbuktu, or University of Tokelau, there might be a
difference ... or there might not.  (and as far as I know neither of
those locales has such a university...and apologies if they do)


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