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Re: Periodical survey Kelly Joyce (08 Apr 2004 15:46 UTC)

Re: Periodical survey Kelly Joyce 08 Apr 2004 15:46 UTC

Hi Liz:  I'm just in the process of finishing doing this at
Hanover.  Compiling the information for 22 departments has taken roughly 1
year (!)

I used Katz: Magazines for Libraries to determine which titles are basic
and recommended, then search each title in our catalog and include our
holdings on the list.  In addition, I search by subject headings in the
catalog to determine which titles we get that *aren't* in Katz.  Also
included is price of each title.

Using the departmental course listings, I include all subjects covered,
i.e. for History, based on what's taught here, I've included
Cultural/Social Studies, Native Americans, etc. etc.

The director and I then meet with each dept. to discuss the findings to see
if library materials are meeting current research needs.  The only dept.
that ties library holdings to accreditation is the Chemistry Dept.  (Info
available at

Finally, I make a photocopy of the Katz entry for every title we do not
receive, but that is considered basic or recommended so the faculty have
the information available to them should a title sound intriguing.

Oh, I also include JSTOR and Project MUSE titles, but none from aggregate
databases (EBSCO, etc.)

Happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Good luck! - Kelly

At 09:21 AM 4/8/2004, you wrote:
>Greetings all,
>I apologize if this has previously been discussed to death but I could
>use some input if possible.  Part of our assessment plan calls for a
>faculty assessment of our periodical collection - do we have what they
>need, what could we get that would be useful, do they prefer print or
>electronic, etc.  My idea is to compile a list of periodicals by
>division and send that to faculty members within that division along
>with the survey.  This list would consist of active subscriptions only
>and we've decided to include our database offerings.  (Putting this
>thing together is shaping up to be a daunting task.)  My question is,
>has anyone out there had experience with this and would they be willing
>to share?
>Feel free to contact me off the list.
>I appreciate any help you can offer.
>Liz Resseguie
>Catalog Librarian
>Paul Smiths College
>P.O. Box 265
>Rts. 86 & 30
>Paul Smiths NY 12970-0265

Kelly Joyce
Periodicals and Reference Librarian
Duggan Library
Hanover College
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Hanover, IN  47243