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Re: Periodical survey Aline Soules 08 Apr 2004 16:05 UTC

Interesting timing for us.  We are currently undergoing accreditation at
our campus and the primary goal is to assess how we impact student
learning.  We are trying to do that through an assessment of the impact
of both information literacy and information resources.

Our current approach is to compare ourselves to 'peer' institutions,
which we are doing via the Academic Library Peer Comparison Tool at the
National Center for Educational Statistics Library Statistics Program
website (http://nces.ed/gov/surveys/libraries/) (use IE to access it
rather than Netscape, or the process of getting results doesn't work
properly).  Following that, we are trying to answer the 90 questions of
the ACRL Standards for Libraries in Higher Education (on the ALA web
site).  There are several sections to that, including questions related
to information resources, as well as information literacy, budget,
communication, etc.

Of course, all of this is self-reflective and how we measure the impact
of information resources on student learning and couple that with the
question of how we use the information we gather to introduce
improvements on a continuous basis remains to be seen.

Now that I've found a fellow-traveler, I hope we can continue to keep
each other updated on how each other is doing!  I must say your process
sounds very interesting and we have already compiled our periodicals
lists for various other purposes, e.g., last year's serials cutting process.

I am also copying Doug Highsmith in our library, as he is the person
chairing the library team for accreditation, and Jennifer Laherty, who
is responsible for our collection management.  I am on the campus-wide
planning team for accreditation as the library representative.

Aline Soules, Associate University Librarian
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Liz Resseguie wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I apologize if this has previously been discussed to death but I could
> use some input if possible.  Part of our assessment plan calls for a
> faculty assessment of our periodical collection - do we have what they
> need, what could we get that would be useful, do they prefer print or
> electronic, etc.  My idea is to compile a list of periodicals by
> division and send that to faculty members within that division along
> with the survey.  This list would consist of active subscriptions only
> and we've decided to include our database offerings.  (Putting this
> thing together is shaping up to be a daunting task.)  My question is,
> has anyone out there had experience with this and would they be willing
> to share?
> Feel free to contact me off the list.
> I appreciate any help you can offer.
> Liz Resseguie
> Catalog Librarian
> Paul Smiths College
> P.O. Box 265
> Rts. 86 & 30
> Paul Smiths NY 12970-0265
> 518-327-6354