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Re: Questions on MARC for holdings Jane Schmidt (14 Apr 2004 18:11 UTC)

Re: Questions on MARC for holdings Jane Schmidt 14 Apr 2004 18:11 UTC

Hello Ellen;

I am currently spearheading a project for conversion of our serials
holdings into MARC.  We are using the Innovative system.  Before I
answer any questions of a specific nature, which MARC supporting system
are you looking at?


Jane Schmidt
Ryerson University Library
Toronto, ON

Ellen Simmons wrote:

>Dear SerialListers,
>We are undergoing a process of selecting a new ILS system, and our choice
>has narrowed to two: a system that supports MARC for holdings and one that
>does not (as of yet).  We have made several site visits to libraries using
>each system, but none of these libraries were utilizing MARC for holdings
>even when their ILS system was capable of doing so.  In an effort to find
>out how strongly I should push for a system that supports MARC for holdings,
>I would like to ask any of you out there who do use MARC for holdings (and
>forgive my naivete'):
>How do you utilize MARC for holdings?
>What added value is there for your catalog?  for your staff in serials
>Do you download publication patterns via MARC for holdings?
>Does MARC for holdings affect OPAC display at all?
>Please share any other thoughts or answers to questions I _should_ be
>asking.  I feel very ill equipped to advocate strongly one way or another
>when I just don't have a good handle on the purpose and function of MARC for
>holdings for my library.
>I appreciate very much your responses, and you can send them to me rather
>than the list if you prefer.
>Best regards,
>Ellen Simmons
>Periodicals Librarian
>University of Dallas
>William A. Blakley Library
>1845 E. Northgate Drive
>Irving, Texas 75062
>Phone: 972 721-4130
>Fax:  972 721-4010