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Journal of Experimental Zoology Lynne Stevens 14 Apr 2004 18:37 UTC

To SERIALIST folks --

This title has changed publication numeration on both Part A and Part B, and dates on Part B.

Part A is still 12 monthly issues per year dated Jan 1 through Dec 1.  Instead of six two-issue volumes per year, however, there is now one twelve-issue volume: v.301 no.1-12 for 2004.

Part B is still 6 bimonthly issues per year.  Dates have changed from the 15th of even-numbered to the 15th of odd-numbered months.  Also, instead of six one-issue volumes per year, there is now one six-issue volume per year.
2004:  302:1 Jan 15,    302:2 Mar 15,    302:3 May 15,    302:4 Jul 15,   302:5 Sep 15,   302:6 Nov 15.

To Wiley Company folks --

As you can guess from the above message, unexplained changes in publication chronology or enumeration make serials people a bit twitchy.  Almost all of us check in issues by volume, number, and date on systems into which we have entered publication patterns and which, therefore, predict "next issue" according to that preset pattern.  When you change the parameters and don't tell us, we have difficulties ranging from being somewhat confused to claiming predicted but non-existent issues -- a problem for you, too.

We respectfully suggest that your publishing statement in each each issue give the pattern as well as the frequency.  For example, it would be wonderful if the current statement read:

Part A: Comparative Experimental Biology publishes the first of each month in one 12-issue volume, with an issue of Part B: Molecular Development and Evolution the fifteenth of January, March, May, July, September, and November in one six-issue volume.

This statement could/should be corrected accordingly if/when parameters change -- and that as infrequently as possible!

Thanks to Penny Bucknal at Wiley for her helpful response to my query.

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