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Job posting-New York Public Library-Research-Acquisitions nseweryn 15 Apr 2004 15:40 UTC

The New York Public Library
The Research Libraries/Technical Services/Acquisition Division

This position will be available July 1, 2004

Eligibility Requirements:
ALA  accredited  Master's  degree  in  Library and Information Studies with
relevant  professional  experience.   Successfully demonstrated acquisition
experience  in  a managerial capacity in a medium to large research library
or similar institution.  Demonstrated ability to manage budgets.  Knowledge
of  monograph  and/or  serial  acquisitions.   Demonstrated experience with
Integrated Library Systems, preferably with Innovative Millennium software.
Knowledge  of  current  trends  and  software  development in accessing and
managing  a  wide  variety of electronic resources licensed for public use.
Demonstrated  ability  to  create  analytical  reports based on statistical
data.   Knowledge  of  the  book  industry  and  general  trends in library
acquisitions.     Successfully    demonstrated    supervisory   experience.
Demonstrated  experience  in  planning and organizing library operations as
they  relate  to  acquisitions.   Excellent  oral and written communication
skills.    Demonstrated   experience   in   managing  electronic  resources
preferred.   Experience  with negotiating licenses for electronic resources
preferred.  Knowledge of one western European language preferred.

General Description:
Under  the  general direction of the Chief Librarian, Acquisitions, assists
in  the day-to-day running of the Division.  Monitors book funds.  Liaisons
with  selection  officers  and the staff from the Development Office on all
matters  relating  to  the  acquisition  of  library materials.  Negotiates
licenses  for  electronic  resources  and  manages their implementation and
maintenance.   Develops  tools  for  tracking  their  use.  Participates in
library   forums   and  planning  groups  charged  with  investigating  and
implementing  e-resource  management solutions.  Manages and supervises the
Materials  Processing  Unit,  consisting of the Gifts and Exchange Section,
fiscal  and  statistical  operations;  the fiscal end-of-year close of book
funds. Performs related duties as required.

To apply, send cover letter and resume.  Please refer to job code LSL-ACAC.

The New York Public Library
HR Dept, Job Code LSL-ACAC
188 Madison Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10016


Fax: 212-592-7327

An Equal Opportunity Employer