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Re: Questions on MARC for holdings Stephen Clark (15 Apr 2004 18:56 UTC)

Re: Questions on MARC for holdings Stephen Clark 15 Apr 2004 18:56 UTC

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Rutgers University uses MARC holdings format for serials that are
generated  from our serial control records.  I have answered your
questions below.  Hope this information is helpful.

Gracemary Smulewitz

Ellen Simmons wrote:

>Dear SerialListers,
>We are undergoing a process of selecting a new ILS system, and our choice
>has narrowed to two: a system that supports MARC for holdings and one that
>does not (as of yet).  We have made several site visits to libraries using
>each system, but none of these libraries were utilizing MARC for holdings
>even when their ILS system was capable of doing so.  In an effort to find
>out how strongly I should push for a system that supports MARC for
>I would like to ask any of you out there who do use MARC for holdings (and
>forgive my naivete'):
>How do you utilize MARC for holdings? We use MARC holdings for serials in
all  serials records- for current receipts as well as permanent holdings.
>What added value is there for your catalog?  for your staff in serials
Added value is an interesting question.  The process of understanding the
mechanisms of the ILS that allow for the use of the MARC format requires a
great deal of patience.  You must have a full understanding of the MARC
holdings for serials format and to know what the system does and does not
allow. This is a tremendous change for serials receiving staff. That said,
once you implement the format your holdings are represented in a standard
and therefore can be transferred to other systems and in most cases are
easier to read and understand.  Although we implemented this format over a
year ago we are still learning and changing some of our practices  The staff
has become more knowledgeable about standards and MARC standards in
particular.  This is a very good thing because the concept can be
transferred to many other aspects of serials and library work.

>Do you download publication patterns via MARC for holdings?
We have not taken advantage of this yet.

>Does MARC for holdings affect OPAC display at all?
Yes it does. In our ILS the holdings record stands out from the
bibliographic record and the detailed items associated with the title.
The holdings become more distinct. One of the wonderful aspects of the
MARC record is that it allows for public notes and non-public notes.
These are very helpful to represent the nuances of serials.

>Please share any other thoughts or answers to questions I _should_ be
>asking.  I feel very ill equipped to advocate strongly one way or another
>when I just don't have a good handle on the purpose and function of MARC
>holdings for my library.

The complexity of implementing MARC holdings for serials will depend on
the ILS you are using but all in all you it is beneficial to have the
serials holdings  represented in an accepted standard.

>I appreciate very much your responses, and you can send them to me rather
>than the list if you prefer.
>Best regards,
>Ellen Simmons
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