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Re: Ideas for promoting and marketing the serials department Rienne Johnson 21 Apr 2004 16:47 UTC

I've seen that happen, too, and I've diverted students to the PDF forms of
e-journal articles where available. With the page preservation intact, it
can be classified as a journal article, fulfilling the instructor's wish of
"no internet sources" and the patron can still get the material he/she is
looking for, even if we do not have a reserve print copy.


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Subject: Re: [SERIALST] Ideas for promoting and marketing the serials

> I have found through my work at one college and one university that
> instructors unwittingly hinder electronic serial usage.  So often students
> come into the library and are shown electronic journals and their response
> at times is: "My teacher said I could not use any sources off the
> It has to be paper."
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> department
> Rachel -
> It sounds like you're doing a fair amount already. I'm at a small
> liberal arts college and our usage is increasing gradually/steadily as
> the students become aware of what is available. We have put information
> in our library newsletter but I'm sure hardly anyone reads it. We also
> stress ejournals in our bibliographic instruction classes; even if they
> don't "get it" totally, they've at least been introduced to it. But I
> attribute the increased usage to our one-on-one work with students as
> they stumble in the night before a paper is due. Once they realize what
> they can get online, there is no going back. Our faculty members are "on
> board" with ejournals and realize that's what the students want to use.
> It surprises me that your usage is low. As computer-savvy as college
> kids are today, they're totally gung ho about anything online; we have
> to drag them kicking and screaming to the paper. Does your college
> require a lot of papers? Ours does, and I think this accounts for our
> usage stats.
> I think you just have to keep chipping away at it.
> Allison
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> Subject: [SERIALST] Ideas for promoting and marketing the serials
> department
> Dear Librarians,
> I am looking for concrete ideas as to how to promote the serials
> department especially e-journal usage, which at the moment is relatively
> low. I already send faculty members TOC alerts and new journal
> information. I also post interesting articles on a cork board. Thanks
> for your help
> Rachel Ben-Eliezer
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