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Re: Print Journal Usage Martha Coleman 03 May 2004 17:17 UTC

Hi Rachel,
We created a barcode for inhouse usage of unbound issues for each
title.  The barcodes live in a "rolodex" tray; the circular rolodex did
not work as the cards fell off from heavy usage.  We can then print a
report from our Innovative Interfaces system from a review file of
journals.  The report gives usage of all bound volumes for a title as
well as Inhouse usage.  We recently shared this report with our student
assistants so they can see how important it is to scan those journals.
By the way, the item record created for the Inhouse Use barcode is not
set to count as a "real" item at inventory.

Rachel Ellis wrote:

>Dear all,
>at the moment we are considering how to measure the usage of our print
>journal collection. We have a journal reading room here for the current
>issues - one part of the room is presented subject focussed and is
>freely accessible by our patrons. The remaining journals are in the back
>of the room and the issues wanted have to be fetched by the enquiry
>staff located in the reading room. Now I was wondering if anyone of you
>has experiences with print journal usage analysis and is willing to
>share this with us?
>Thanks for your help in advance and best wishes from sunny Bremen
>Rachel Ellis
>Electronic Resources Librarian
>Staats- und Universitaetsbibliothek Bremen
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>28331 Bremen
>Tel: (0049)421-218-4902
>Fax: (0049)421-218-2665

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