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Thank you, Re: Taylor & Francis. Christopher Allen Waldrop 11 May 2004 17:37 UTC

Thank you to everyone who replied to my query regarding problems
with Taylor & Francis.

What I've learned is that Taylor & Francis's Philadelphia office
seems to be having some trouble with the company that enters the
payments at their lockbox in Chicago. Because this company isn't
actually part of Taylor & Francis there's a strong possibility that
renewal notices sent with our payments aren't being forwarded to
Taylor & Francis. One suggestion I've gotten from the Taylor &
Francis customer service department in Philadelphia is that we send
our checks directly to them. However, they seem to have a small
number of staff. Between their voice mail system malfunctioning in
April and the overwhelming number of calls they receive on a
regular basis they're not even able to return customers' phone
calls. Given the amount they already have to do I don't see how
mailing our payments to them directly would make things any better.

The best option seems to be going through a vendor, which I'll do
with any subscriptions that aren't cancelled before 2005.
Unfortunately with 2004 subscriptions that have already been paid
I'm going to have to continue waiting for our accounting department
to provide the proof of payment, and hope, once I have it, that
Taylor & Francis will still honor what we've paid for.

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> Julie,
> This is well stated.
> Gracemary
> Julie Kaufman wrote:
>> We are having what may be a related problem with Taylor &
>> Francis.
>> It seems that every title we get from them is suddenly being
>> shipped to the wrong address in our multi-library system. We
>> subscribe to these titles through a vendor and have been
>> submitting address changes on a title-by-title basis (per the
>> vendor's preference.)
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>> Doyle, Ann wrote:
>>> We're experiencing the very same problem with them here,
>>> Christopher. Ann
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>>> Dear librarians,
>>> We've been having an extraordinary amount of trouble with our
>>> Taylor & Francis subscriptions. We order several direct, and
>>> the problem seems to be that our payments go to their lock box
>>> in Chicago, get processed, then disappear. I've had to request
>>> two copies of cancelled checks from our accounting department
>>> so far, and I'm afraid there will be others. The customer
>>> service people have tried to be as helpful as they can, but
>>> apparently there's no communication between the office in
>>> Chicago and their customer service department in Philadelphia.
>>> Are any other libraries having this problem? I think we're
>>> going to move our subscriptions to a vendor in 2005, but that
>>> doesn't help us with the current year. And if it's a problem
>>> with how Taylor & Francis is processing all their payments then
>>> I'm concerned switching to a vendor won't help.
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