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Re: Title change? Enrique Gildemeister 17 May 2004 19:59 UTC

Carol Morse writes:
>In Feb 2004, Computer Videomaker carried the title Digital Videomaker
>on its cover. Since it was a special issue, I hoped it would go back to
>Videomaker, which it has not done. On the it's simply called Videomaker.
>What are we to do with this? Is it a title change?

Because there's been some irregularity, I would make a copy for myself of the
covers and also of the OCLC (CONSER?) record of the first title, hold off on
cataloging and just send the issues through, perhaps with labels on the cover
so that the shelvers will know where to put them.  Check OCLC again in a
couple of weeks and see if the variations are treated simply as such, or whether
new records have been made.  Policies (at least those I've reviewed) are not the
last word.  I've seen cataloging libraries do eveything under the sun.

Enrique E. Gildemeister
Brooklyn, NY