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Mystery citations-request for help van Sickle, Jennifer 20 May 2004 20:17 UTC


I am trying to help a faculty member to track down two incomplete
citations as follows:

(Date needed): Thornycroft, P. and S. Sole. "SADF Used Chimps in Project
to Curb Black Fertility." The Sunday Independent (1998): 1-2.

(Page numbers needed): Rapiti, E. V. Letter to the editor, Asijiki. 1998

We do not have either of these in our collection, and I could not find a
record in OCLC for the second title.  A search in Lexis-Nexis Academic
and a phone call to their help desk re: the first title was not
successful, though I thank the helpful librarian for trying.  If anyone
has any information about these mystery items, please reply directly to
me.  Thanks in advance for your help.


Jennifer van Sickle

Serials Librarian/Sciences Coordinator

Trinity College Library

300 Summit St.

Hartford, CT USA 06106

phone: 860-297-2250

fax: 860-297-2251