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Harvard Law Review Lynne Stevens 02 Aug 2004 18:16 UTC

Hi, Folks --

We were just informed by EBSCO that there is now an institutional rate of $200.00 for this title.  We had been paying the standard rate of $55.00.  I understand why there is a higher institutional rate, but that much higher does seem rather steep!  I told my director about this and suggested that, given the relatively low usage of this title for our curriculum, we drop the print subscription.  He agreed, and I've told EBSCO to cancel our renewal.

I wonder if other libraries will do the same.  If so, will the publisher get the hint?  My two cents worth:  It seems to me that they'd rather have more institutional subscribers at a somewhat lower rate than have many of us cancelling.  They must -- or should -- be aware that most academic libraries are dealing with reduced materials budgets.

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