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Seeking fellow Charleston Conference panelists on locally-developed, innovative tools for collection development and technical services Scott Wicks 16 Aug 2004 15:27 UTC


Are you attending the Charleston Conference : Issues in Book and Serial
Acquisition (Nov. 3-6, 2004)

Do you have some neat, time-saving technology you've developed locally
that you would like to show to the collection development/technical
services world?

I am looking for just such a colleague or two who will join me as part of
a panel on locally-developed technological innovations.  Cornell has
developed the Integrated Tool for Selection and Ordering (see
for a brief description).  I intend to talk about why we built it, what it
does for us, why you might want it at your institution, and then offer a
brief demo.

Cornell can't be alone in developing one such solution to the issues
affecting today's collection development and technical services

Stand up.
Be counted now.
Join me in Charleston as part of this preeminent panel.

If you know of anyone else who should be part of such a panel, please let
me know how to get in touch with them.

Thank you.


Scott B. Wicks
Head, Acquisitions, Bibliographic Control, and Government Documents
Central Technical Services

Cornell University Library
110 Olin Library
Ithaca, NY  14853-5301
607 255-9405
607 255-6110 (FAX)