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fluctuating title question Pat Fowler 19 Aug 2004 13:25 UTC

I need clarification on AACR2.2A2.g (fluctuating titles), specifically
concerning a group of documents that we received from state agencies.
For a few years, sometimes no more than one, the document will be called
"Legislative Appropriations Request".  Then for no apparent reason, it's
called "Request(s) for Legislative Appropriations", or "Appropriations
Request".  We have created many new records because of these title
changes.  Is this type of title change one that can be considered a
fluctuating title?  Can someone point me to some examples of fluctuating
titles in OCLC?

Thanks so much.

Patsy D. Fowler
Head, Cataloging Department
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Archives and Information Services Division