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Problem with "title Variant 246??? John Lucas 23 Aug 2004 20:42 UTC

Hello all out there:

I seem to be questioning more and more my decisions about 246's title
variants versus actual title changes.  My latest quandry.

Journal of child psychology & psychiatry and allied disciplines.  OCLC
# 1307942

Started with Volume 1 in January 1960 and has continued up until the
end of 2003.   With the start of volume 45, 2004, the publication has
Dropped the "and allied disciplines".  The ISSN continues to be the same
in the printed publication (although we realize that it takes awhile for
the publisher to actually change it there)

As this 'new' ( ? ) title version would place it before the 'old' title
alphabetically, is this really a variant title???

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