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Re: Problem with "title Variant 246??? John Radencich (24 Aug 2004 11:26 UTC)

Re: Problem with "title Variant 246??? John Radencich 24 Aug 2004 11:26 UTC

See AACR2 21.2A.  The change is not within the first five words and none
of the nine qualifiers apply, so this is not considered a title change.
You can make a variant title note, if you choose.

John Radencich
Library-Cataloging Dept.
Florida International University
Miami, Florida 33199

John Lucas wrote:

>Hello all out there:
>I seem to be questioning more and more my decisions about 246's title
>variants versus actual title changes.  My latest quandry.
>Journal of child psychology & psychiatry and allied disciplines.  OCLC
># 1307942
>Started with Volume 1 in January 1960 and has continued up until the
>end of 2003.   With the start of volume 45, 2004, the publication has
>Dropped the "and allied disciplines".  The ISSN continues to be the same
>in the printed publication (although we realize that it takes awhile for
>the publisher to actually change it there)
>As this 'new' ( ? ) title version would place it before the 'old' title
>alphabetically, is this really a variant title???
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