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Binding question Edwards, Mary 24 Aug 2004 15:11 UTC


I am fairly new to doing bindery things, so I have a specific question
about binding magazines where there is a mix of sizes in the volume.  A
few issues of Interior Design magazine are tabloid sized, most are not.
I plan on binding them separately.  I'd like guidance about how you
indicate that you have split up the issues - both on the outside of the
bound volumes and on the inside.  Do you insert sheets in the regular
sized bound volume directing the patron to the oversized volume, and
vice versa?  Any advice for the enumeration on the spines?  Also, I read
the archives and it appears that Interior Design lets you subscribe to
get bound volumes from them at the end of the year.  Does anyone use
this service and do you like it?

Inquiring minds want to know....!

Mary Edwards


Art Institute of California - Los Angeles

2900 31st Street

Santa Monica, CA  90405