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Re: Problem with "title Variant 246??? John Lucas 25 Aug 2004 17:22 UTC


That makes it so much easier once explained however with my memory I
will soon forget and be back in the same problem

Thank you very much.


>>> kwesley@CLEMSON.EDU 08/23/04 05:04PM >>>

Under the 2002 AACR2 revisions, this is considered a minor change
than a major change, so does not require a new record.  The change
after the first five words and does not indicate a change in subject

AACR2  Section 21.2C2. a) Major changes
In general, consider as a major change in a title proper of a serial
addition, deletion, change, or reordering of any of the first five
(the first six words if the title begins with an article) ....
also as a major change the addition, deletion, or change of any word
the first five words (the first six words if the title begins with an
article) that changes the meaning of the title or indicates a
subject matter ....

You might also consider part of the next section applicable:
b) Minor changes
In general, consider the following to be a minor change in a title
of a serial:
... viii) the addition to, deletion from, or change in the order of
in a list anywhere in the title, provided that there is no significant
change in the subject matter ....
(emphases mine)

The section concludes with instructions, in case of doubt, to consider
change to be minor, and to make a note of the variation.

So no new record.  The revised rules result in fewer title changes, but
definitely requires more head scratching to decide if a change is major
minor.  (This is not a complaint!)

Kathryn Wesley
Serials Cataloger
Clemson University Libraries

At 03:42 PM 8/23/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello all out there:
>I seem to be questioning more and more my decisions about 246's title
>variants versus actual title changes.  My latest quandry.
>Journal of child psychology & psychiatry and allied disciplines.
># 1307942
>Started with Volume 1 in January 1960 and has continued up until the
>end of 2003.   With the start of volume 45, 2004, the publication has
>Dropped the "and allied disciplines".  The ISSN continues to be the
>in the printed publication (although we realize that it takes awhile
>the publisher to actually change it there)
>As this 'new' ( ? ) title version would place it before the 'old'
>alphabetically, is this really a variant title???
>To copy the TITLE of that Beatles Album   HELP