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Re: dropping serial check-in? Deb Ham (04 Aug 2004 13:41 UTC)

Re: dropping serial check-in? Deb Ham 04 Aug 2004 13:41 UTC

When that article was published, a couple of us here at RAL read it with
great interest. We had just spent 3 months converting over 1700
periodicals from Kardex check-in (manual) to computerized check-in using
Siri Unicorn.

We waited for a bit, though, to see what would happen with claming.
Unicorn has a module that can pull and run reports for "missed issues." I
look through this several times a month to see what titles need to be
claimed versus what titles just need some cleanup work done (e.g. we
received a combined issue for #3/4 and the students made a new issue
instead of combining the two already predicted). After going through this
'weeding' process, though, I still need to claim anywhere from 50-125
issues per month. This would still be a large number of issues to miss if
we stopped checking in those items.

We would only know if we missed those issues if a patron came looking for
them and the issue was not on shelf. However, sometimes items are received
and then disappear, so that would not be a good reason to claim the item.
Besides the fact that a lot of publishers have strict claim restrictions
(i.e. you have to claim an issue 3 months within its cover chronology or
you will have to pay for a new issue).

I guess I would take a good look at what type or serials you have before I
would go down the no-check-in path. If they are mostly dailies or
weeklies, I suppose it would be no big deal to miss one or two issues. But
if you have a collection like ours with over 1600 print titles, a good
deal of which are scholarly publications, I think I would stay with
checking-in just to be sure the issues are received.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

Deb Ham
Serials Specialist
Reinert Alumni Memorial Library
Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE 68178

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Subject: [SERIALST] dropping serial check-in?


I wondered how many of you have dropped checking in serials?  Do you dropped
all the check-ins or just selected types of serials? What are the pros and
cons of this practice?

After reading an article about the practice at Univ. of Nevada- Las Vegas,
our library administration strongly encourages our library to drop checking
all the serials.

I feel comfortable to drop checking in weekly magazines, daily newspapers,
and periodicals with online access; however, I am a little skeptical about
expensive  periodical titles.  I am not sure if it will create more work by
just dropping check-ins for selected titles since a new sorting procedure is

Any advices are greatly appreciated.


Cynthia Hsieh
Head of Technical Services/Assistant Professor University Library University
of the Pacific
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