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780s for print title in a record for electronic version Linnea Marshall 31 Aug 2004 16:49 UTC


I have a question concerning including a 780 field linking to a print journal in a MARC record for an electronic journal that does not directly succeed that print title.

If a print serial title undergoes a title change and is succeeded by a new print serial and that new print serial subsequently becomes available also in electronic form, does the 780/785 relationship apply between the original print title and the electronic format of the new title? (Of course there would be a 776 field to link the electronic version of the new title with the print version of the new title.)

In OCLC when I use a bib record for a print serial as the basis for creating a new record for the online version of that print serial, how should I handle a 780 field linking to a preceding print serial title:

-Delete the 780 field from the record for the electronic version

-Leave the 780 field in the record for the electronic version, as is

-Leave the 780 field in the record for the electronic version, to provide a link to the former title, but delete the $x and $w subfields, which link to the record for the print version of that former title

-Leave the 780 field in the record for the electronic version with subfields $x and $w intact but add a 580 note to explain that the print version succeeded such and such print journal (and how, more precisely, should I phrase such a note?)

I did not find anything that provided explicit direction in the CONSER Cataloging Manual or the CONSER Editing Guide, but I may have overlooked it.  If there is specific instruction somewhere in the cataloging literature, I would very much appreciate having it brought to my attention.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Linnea Marshall
Catalog Librarian
University of Idaho Library