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Re: Citation (RE: [SERIALST] dropping serial check-in?) Lanche, Brenda 04 Aug 2004 16:32 UTC

Will you please e-mail me a copy.
At this time we checkin and claim in the acquisitions unit, and then distribute to our Central periodical unit and 15 branches. Centralized checkin works but we are always looking for ways to improve.

Thank You,
Brenda Lanche
Acquisitions Assistant Manager
Fort Worth Public Library

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	From: Rick Anderson [mailto:rickand@UNR.EDU]
	Sent: Wed 8/4/2004 9:12 AM
	Subject: [SERIALST] Citation (RE: [SERIALST] dropping serial check-in?)

	Here's a citation to the article my boss and I wrote on eliminating
	serial check-in.  I don't want to revive the long and, er, spirited
	thread on this issue that arose on SERIALST a couple of years ago when
	the subject first came up, but if anyone wants to contact me directly
	with questions or comments about check-in, please feel free.

	Also, I can email a copy of this article to anyone who doesn't have
	access to it otherwise.

	(And just for the record, we did this at U. Nevada Reno, not Las Vegas.)

	Anderson, Rick and Steven D. Zink. "Implementing the Unthinkable: The
	Demise of Periodical Check-in at the University of Nevada." Library
	Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services 27 (Spring 2003):

	Rick Anderson
	Dir. of Resource Acquisition
	University of Nevada, Reno Libraries
	(775) 784-6500 x273