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Other Check-in Considerations Koveleskie, Judith 12 Aug 2004 14:18 UTC

I hesitated to add anything to this discussion, but I have seen nothing
about the questions of accreditation.  The last time we were reviewed -
just a year ago - the team member visiting the library asked me what was
the one thing that I would like to tell the rest of the team.  By the way,
he was a librarian.  I told him that they should give us more credit for
electronic access to journals instead of focusing on the size of the print
collection.  He agreed and then when the team report that was one of the
things that they criticized, that our print collection was too small.  So
until that scenario changes, which I hope will be soon, we will still be
carefully maintaining our print collection.

Also, in regard to time spent on check-in, I wondered why a librarian or
other staff member is handling all of this?  With our automated system,
this is something I train a work-study student to do.  Then I only have to
deal with the exceptions and problems.  Seems pretty efficient to me.

Judith A. Koveleskie
Periodicals Librarian
Seton Hill University
Reeves Memorial Library
Greensburg, PA 15601