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Re: Other Check-in Considerations Deej Baker (12 Aug 2004 16:03 UTC)

Re: Other Check-in Considerations Deej Baker 12 Aug 2004 16:03 UTC

We would very much like to do this but our catalog system Sirsi makes it
impossible. You have to know the name of the library location for each title
BEFORE you check it in, this is rather difficult with so many of the science
titles that we receive and we have 12 libraries. Please don't stop putting the
barcodes on the covers maybe some day our catalog program will catch up.

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--On Thursday, August 12, 2004 11:22 AM -0400 Bill Cohen <BCohen7719@AOL.COM>

> Relating to the note below about using a work-study student
> for serials check-in's:   the new book Introduction to Serials Work
> for Library Technicians (Haworth Press, 2004) is just off-press this week.
> In addition:   does anyone know what % of libraries use bar code
> scanning for serials check-in work?    Haworth's journals are
> all bar-coded for swiping a "wand" over the backcover.    Is
> bar-code swiping not very common in libraries?
> With kind regards,
> Bill Cohen, Publisher
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> In a message dated 8/12/04 10:33:24 AM, kovelesk@SETONHILL.EDU writes:
>> I hesitated to add anything to this discussion, but I have seen nothing
>> about the questions of accreditation.  The last time we were reviewed - just
>> a  year ago - the team member visiting the library asked me what was the one
>> thing that I would like to tell the rest of the team.  By the way, he was a
>> librarian.  I told him that they should give us more credit for electronic
>> access  to journals instead of focusing on the size of the print
>> collection.  He  agreed and then when the team report that was one of the
>> things that they  criticized, that our print collection was too small.  So
>> until that scenario  changes, which I hope will be soon, we will still be
>> carefully maintaining our print  collection.
>> Also, in regard to time spent on check-in, I wondered why a librarian or
>> other staff member is handling all of this?  With our automated system, this
>> is  something I train a work-study student to do.  Then I only have to deal
>> with  the exceptions and problems.  Seems pretty efficient to me.
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