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Re: have you stopped print journals check-in and/or claiming? Susan Mueller 05 Jan 2005 16:47 UTC

Kim and others - Michelle Millet and myself have written an article about
our exploration of this very issue at the University of Montana.  It is
due out any time in the Acquisitions Librarian.  We explored many issues
in the shift from paper to online subscriptions.  This was but one of
them.  In our final analysis we decided to continue to check in paper
journals.  However, we did not close the door on reversing our decision at
some later time.  The title of the article is: SHIFTING PRIORITIES: FROM
listed as the first co-author. Susan

At  1/4/2005 02:37 PM, Kim Maxwell wrote:
>I'm interested in hearing from people who have stopped, or are considering
>stopping, check-in and/or claiming for print journals.
>We're looking into this at MIT, and I'd like to start a dialogue with
>people who are in the same boat.  I know of a few places where it's been
>done to a greater or lesser degree (I combed the SERIALST archives for that
>thread of discussion we had in August 2004), but I wonder what's changed
>since then.  Here are some of my specific questions:
>1. Have you stopped print journals check-in? For what categories (e.g.,
>dailies and weeklies only, only those titles with limited retention, only
>those titles where we have online access, some other category?)
>2. If you check in some titles but not others, how do you tell (as you sort
>the mail) that this is a title you will check in and this one you
>won't?  Do you look up all titles in your ILS?  Do you keep a paper list
>and refer to that?  Do you just "know" which titles you do check in?
>3. Are you still checking in, but not claiming?
>If you could let me know what your institution is doing, I'd love to hear
>from you.  I will gladly summarize for the list.
>Also, if this is the first time you've heard of this topic, or if you
>remember hearing about it and think  now wasn't there an article about
>that? here are some citations to get you started.  These all came up during
>the August 2004 thread.
>Anderson, Rick, and Steven D. Zink, "Implementing the unthinkable: the
>demise of periodical check-in at the University of Nevada." Library
>Collections, Acquisitions, & Technical Services, v.27:no.1 (2003:Spring),
>pp. 61-71. (available on Science Direct, if you have a subscription)
>Davis, Susan, recorder, "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Give Up Journal
>Check-In," The Serials Librarian, v.44:no.3/4 (2003), pp. 255-260. (report
>of a workshop given at the NASIG Conference (Williamsburg, June 2002) by
>Rick Anderson and Steven D. Zink)
>Scherlen, Allan, Column Editor, with contributions by Larry Boyer, Eleanor
>Cook, and John P. Abbott, "Courage of our Convictions: Making Difficult
>Decisions About Serial Collections," from the column The Balance Point,
>Serials Review, v.30:no.2 (2004), pp. 117-121
>If anyone knows of other articles written about this topic, I'd love to
>hear about them.  I did a search in Library Literature, but haven't come up
>with much other than the ones above.
>Thanks in advance for all your help,
>Kim Maxwell
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