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New Statesman - Numbering Problem Koveleskie, Judith 31 Jan 2005 20:08 UTC

I thought others would like to know the response that came from the publisher regarding the numbering of this title.

Judith A. Koveleskie
Periodicals Librarian
Seton Hill University
Reeves Memorial Library
Greensburg, PA 15601
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The publisher had a problem with their numering which was to be
corrected with the Jan 24th issue. If you have the 1/17 you should not be
missing anything. Below is some information I received from the publisher a
couple weeks ago. Thanks-  Carissa

Unfortunately, despite my instructions the numbering of the double issues
was done incorrectly and this hasn't been rectified for the start of 2005 -
sooooooooo........Jan 10th is actually 4722 and January 17th should be 4723.
The sequence will be corrected for next week so Jan 24th will be 4724.

best wishes,



The January 24, 2005 issue of New Statesman is predicted as Vol.
134, No. 4723 (New Statesman & Society Vol. 18, no. 842 is the alternate
numbering.  However, the issue itself is numbered  Vol. 134, No. 4724 (New
Statesman & Society Vol. 18, no. 843).

I don't think we missed an issue because we have January 17.  Things like
this drive librarians crazy.