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Re: Italiano & Cinema Michael.Borries@DOMINO1.CUNY.EDU 06 Jan 2005 16:03 UTC

You might try the national Italian catalogs.  Go to, then find Italy, and then find
the Web address for the online catalog (this will usually be at the end of
the information about each library, so keep scrolling down!).  Italy has at
least two national libraries that I remember, one in Rome, one in Florence
-- and there might be one or two more.  Most of the initial instructions
are in English, and what isn't in English, one can usually guess.

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Patricia Thompson <pthompso@SEWANEE.EDU> wrote:

I'm trying to find info on what I think is an Italian periodical title:
Italiano & Cinema. I couldn't find it in Ulrichs, Ebsco doesn't have it
listed and I couldn't find a record in OCLC. I don't know the publisher.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

I know I probably should know more about how to look for this, but I
haven't done this before.

Patricia Thompson
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