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Re: Serial check in software/programs John Lucas 10 Jan 2005 19:18 UTC

Hello Rosalyn:

Although we do not need a software program for check-in, I would like
to find out what responses you might get.

Tthe 'Periodical Managers' that are in the library supply catalogs,
Demco, Brodart, etc, sound more like 'tweaked up' Excell files.  (They
say 'Add issues'  not predict issues).  Although I could very easily be

I am looking to see if some small programs might be of use for a
project our library is partially working on for the University of Mosul
in Iraq.

>>> SmithRYN@HEALTHALL.COM 01/10/05 11:32AM >>>

I have recently joined this list and I have not found what I am looking
for in any recent discussions.  I work in a small medical library (less
than 250 subscriptions) and we are looking into purchasing a program for
checking in periodicals.  Could anyone please recommend an inexpensive
program (preferably under $1000)?  Also I would like to know the pros and
cons of the program/software your library is using.  Please feel free to
contact me on or off the list.  Thank you in advance for your help.

Rosalyn Smith

Rosalyn Smith
The Jewish Hospital
Health Sciences Library
4777 E. Galbraith Road
Cincinnati, OH 45236

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