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Re: Internship advice wanted Blake, Julie C. 21 Jan 2005 21:52 UTC

 "to dealing with the ramifications of the
> divine, Inc. bankruptcy."

        Sheesh, talk about a trial by fire! On the other hand, if I were
looking for a serials librarian, one who had that experience would be
high on my list.

        It's not necessarily a periodicals issue, but I recently had a
library science intern that I had going through all our electronic
resource licenses and making a chart of what we could do for each source
- ex: ILL allowed? Remote access allowed? Walk-in traffic allowed?
Reserves allowed? etc. Granted, now we negotiate for all that, but for
earlier licenses we didn't think about it. It took her some time to get
used to the language used and the differences in every contract, but she
seemed to think it was very useful.

        I'd also think about having your person deal with registering
all those individual titles that you get electronically as a result of
print, etc.


Julie C. Blake
Collection Management Coordinator and Asst. Professor
LR&TS, St. Cloud State University

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> I hope some people will respond to the list, and/or you will
> share what you get; I'd be interested in seeing what others do also.
> I had an intern last year and basically had her working on
> every aspect of serials work from sorting the mail and
> stamping periodicals to dealing with the ramifications of the
> divine, Inc. bankruptcy.
> Jeanette L. Skwor
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> Subject: [SERIALST] Internship advice wanted
> Colleagues -
>                 Later this spring I will be working  for
> several weeks with an undergraduate senior considering
> librarianship as a career, my areas being periodicals and our
> science library. I would like your suggestions on what you
> think are the things (both major and lesser) that such a
> person should be exposed to in the periodicals world.
> (Others will do ref., acq., cat., admin.,  etc..)    Replies should
> probably be off list and should come me at
> < > .           Thank you in advance for your
> thinking.
>                                         David Brautigam
>                                         Periodicals/Science Libn.
>                                         Westminster College
>                                         New Wilmington, PA  USA