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Re: MeSH headings and Serials Solutions records Mina Muessigmann 08 Mar 2005 21:40 UTC

We globally change our MeSH headings in Ser Sol bib records to 690 (a field
we protect) just before overlay with a new Ser Sol load. (Same problem,
can't protect them at the indicator level.) Then after the load, we change
them all back. Not perfect, but not too difficult. I don't know if Voyager
has the same global update capability as III, though.

At 12:55 PM 3/8/2005, you wrote:
>Many thanks to those who responded to my query (see below). The main
>suggestion was to protect the MeSH headings on our existing records so
>that those fields are not overwritten by any incoming Serials Solutions
>record. Unfortuntely, that is not possible in our Endeavor Voyager system,
>because fields are not protectable at the indicator level (MeSH headings
>differ from non-MeSH headings only in the second indicator of the 650).
>So, our choice would be not to protect  the MeSH headings at all or to
>protect all subject headings from overlay, and we wouldn't want to do the
>latter. Other ILS's may offer better flexibility in this regard.
> >We just recently started subscribing to the Serials Solutions MARC
> records service for our ejournals. It has generally been excellent, but
> one thing we hadn't considered was that there are many CONSER records
> (the go-to source of records for Serials Solutions and other similar
> vendors) which lack MeSH headings, and so the result is either that we
> accept the fact that a SerSols record without MeSH headings will
> overwrite our current record which has them, or that we make a local
> change to the SerSols record once we have it -- but that means that
> future loads from SerSols for that record will not automatically
> overwrite it because the local changes are protected.
> >
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