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Re: Binding Incomplete volumes Ian Bogus 09 Mar 2005 21:59 UTC


    We have a process in place to attempt to purchase any missing issue
before binding.  If none can be found it is bound incomplete.  On the
spine we designate what is actually in the volume.  e.g.: v.51
no.1-2,4-6.  There are times where there are quite a few missing issues
and it would confuse anyone looking at the spine.  In these cases we
would write: v.51 INC., but a sheet of paper is also inserted in the
front of the volume that states what is actually bound within.

I hope this helps,

Ian Bogus
NB Bindery/Preservation Coordinator
Rutgers University

Sylvia McAphee wrote:

>Good afternoon!
>I am trying to find out how other libraries handle binding incomplete
>serial volumes where 1 or 2 issues are missing.  Do you bind them or
>not?  Also, what do you place on the spines of those bound volumes,
>e.g.,  Incomplete, Lacks v. 51 n. 1?  Any information you could share
>with me would be most appreciated.  Thank you in advance and have a
>great day!
>Sylvia McAphee
>Serials Library Associate I
>LHL 250- 1700 University Blvd.
>1530 3rd Ave. So.
>Birmingham, AL 35294-0013
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