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Another scam warning -- National Subscription Bureau Rick Anderson 17 Mar 2005 15:49 UTC

Here's another one: We've been receiving invoices from the National
Subscription bureau, which wants us to pay $650 for a subscription we
never ordered.  When I called to inquire, I was told that we had
requested a "trial subscription" and that we only needed to pay if we
wanted to continue getting the title in question.

Scary/creepy part: The invoice names a member of our staff and gives her
month of birth as proof that she talked with the NSB and requested the
subscription ("Hey," one of their employees said to me, "we couldn't
have gotten her birthday from a mailing list").  She tells me that the
conversation never happened, and she's a little bit creeped out that
they were able to find out her birthday.

Apparently, these guys have attracted the attention of the Attorney
General's office in Florida:

They also operate under the names National Litigation Bureau, The Coding
Institute and Eli Research.

Be strong and wary,
Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson
Dir. of Resource Acquisition
University of Nevada, Reno Libraries
(775) 784-6500 x273