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Indexes to the major publications of 1925-1985 Steve Rossiter 31 Mar 2005 23:38 UTC


I have been reading through Will and Ariel Durant's eleven volume historical
series "The Story of Civilization" and would like to track down any articles
published by or about the authors between the years 1915 - 1985. To date I
have had some success with the ProQuest Historical Newspapers database but
unfortunately only have access to the New York Times and Los Angeles Times
archives. In the Durant's autobiography they frequently mention literary
critics who assessed their books as they came out, one about every six years
during the period 1935 - 1975.

What indexes, print or online, would anyone recommend to find some of these
reviews or additionally articles by the authors published in newspapers or
magazines during the period 1925 - 1985? I have extended the period to either
side of the dates of the volumes within the series to catch any ancillary

As an example, on September 11, 1963 John Barkham an author working for
World-Telegram in New York wrote a review of the recently published "The Age
of Louis XIV."

Thank you one and all, Steve.