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Re: Relabeling buckram bindings John Lucas 24 Jun 2005 20:15 UTC

Hello Barbara and all:

If you are thinking about book "dummies"  you might compare the cost of
those cardboard assembled ones in the library supply catalogs with
contacting your Carpentry Dept.  See what the cost of some good quality
2 by 10 planks are and then have the Carpentry Dept. cut them up iinto
the appropriate height.   Create a word document template for the front
(ie)  Later volumes shelved as ....... and for the back a little label
as to where the dummy is shelved (ie)  shelved at the end of title

When I looked at book "dummies" some years ago, it was cheaper to go
with the wood.   They won't look 'tacky' can be reused and last

John Lucas

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>>> bpope@PITTSTATE.EDU 06/23/05 03:54PM >>>
Personally, I think I would rebind them, because they would be more
accessible to patrons under the actual title.  However, another idea
to buy some book "dummies"  which refer the patron to the title at
they are filed.  Gaylord has such a product and it is more economical
than rebinding.  I hope this helps.