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Re: Relabeling buckram bindings Carol Morse 23 Jun 2005 17:34 UTC

This project was my first big under-taking when I came to this library
in 1994. We special-ordered from our bindery series of titles printed on
heat-sensitive material that we could cut and apply to the spines and
seal with heat. They had 4 colors available, so we matched the colors to
the buckram as best we could. This was not a money-making project for
the bindery, but we were happy not to have to pay rebinding costs. It
helped that the bindery is in our town. It was a huge project. Of
course, everything had to be shifted around to get them in alphabetical
order. There were a few titles for which we simply made notes "bound
under" or "filed under." Notes had to be made for titles that switched
in the middle of a bound vol.: for example, "v.4 #3-4 bound with Journal
of ..." , since we did not rip apart any bound volumes.
Good luck,
Carol Morse


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>>> donna.bennett@GCSU.EDU 6/23/2005 9:09:39 AM >>>
We have a substantial number of older periodicals that were bound back
the days of latest entry cataloging.  So the title stamped on these
bindings isn't always the actual title of what's inside.  We shelve
periodicals by title, so it's rather important that the correct title
is on
the spine.  In the past, we've typed the correct title on a white label
covered the stamped title on the binding.  However, this isn't very
attractive and I'd like to come up with a better solution.  If money
an issue, I'd have the bindery relabel them, but I need to do this on
limited budget.

Any suggestions?

Thanks much,