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American Journal of Radiology Lafferty, Cindy 26 Aug 2005 13:39 UTC

Our Radiologic Technology department has asked us to add American
Journal of Radiology to our collection.  They only gave me the title, no
ISSN and have not yet responded to my emails asking for more
information.  In our vendor's database, this title is cross referenced
with American Journal of Roentgenology but does not directly state that
they are the same journal.  Usually it will say something like "Formally
called American Journal of Radiology" or "merged with American Journal
of Radiology."

I also looked through the site for American Journal of Roentgenology but
did not see any reference to American Journal of Radiology.

 Does anyone know if these two titles merged at some point?  If there
still is a journal called American Journal of Radiology, does anyone
have an ISSN for it?

Thanks in advance,

Cindy Lafferty

Librarian Assistant

University of Saint Francis


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