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Re: Molecular BioSystems from RSC Martin W. Helgesen 29 Aug 2005 17:43 UTC

On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 14:55:25 -0500 Coffman, Ila G. said:
>How are libraries handling Molecular BioSystems from Royal Society of
>Chemistry?  It is published monthly, attached and reversed to the back
>of ChemComm which is published 48 times a year?  How are classification,
>check-in and shelving handled?
>Royal Society of Chemistry is also publishing Soft Matter in the same
>way with Journal of Materials Chemistry.  Will the newer journals be
>separated in Jan. 2006 with their own subscription fee?  Thanks!    =20

We have both "ACE-Double" journals and I wouldn't be surprised if more appear.
OCLC and the online LC catalog have separate records for each of the four
titles with 580 notes describing the format.    After denouncing the folly
of the publishers -- one cannot ask "What were they thinking?" because they
weren't --  we decided we would shelve current issues as is, by the older,
more frequently published titles.  We will separate them for binding.  They
do have cover-stock back covers but we're not going to separate them right
away, unless our current plan proves unworkable because that would make
the spine titles unreadable.

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