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Re: Another do you know question. Karen Harrison 03 Aug 2005 00:26 UTC

The best cataloging listserv I know of is AUTOCAT. It is not
specifically for just non-book cataloging,  but I have seen some very
good questions/answers on that listserv on very specific non-book
cataloging topics. Some of the most knowledgeable catalogers around post
to and read AUTOCAT.

Listserv posting address is:

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Karen Harrison
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Vi Tasler Library
City University
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We have had several cataloging staff changes and you all have been so
helpful in the past.  Our catalogers have questions.  Do you know of
or other listservs that can help with cataloging of other media, cds, or
dvds?  I have already had someone send me OLAC (Online Audiovisual
Catalogers List).  I didn't know if there were any other ones or not.  I
appreciate your help.  I keep telling other of our librarians and staff
helpful Serialst is to me!

Thank you and thank you again!

Miss Jean Shankle
Periodical Librarian
Pensacola Christian College Library
Box 18000
Pensacola, FL 32523