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SIAM enumeration Ripley, Erika 04 Aug 2005 17:54 UTC

We've been discussing ways to handle the variation of dates on print
SIAM journals. Since the articles appear electronically before the print
issues are published, the dates specified on the print cover don't
correspond to the publication date.

- For instance, our print issue vol.42:no.2 was published/received in
April 2005. It has this statement printed on the both the front and back
covers: Papers published electronically March 2004 to July 2004.
- EBSCO is describing v.42:no.2 as the February 2005 issue. The front
matter lists a 2005 copyright for the issue but a 2004 "article
- I checked Science Citation Index and other A&I databases. The articles
from this issue are being indexed as 2004.
- The e-journal content does not list the year, only volume and issue

All our SIAM titles are like this, and probably others as well. I'd like
to hear how others are handling cases like this.
How do you display the enumeration in your OPAC?
If you bind these, what are you putting on the spine title if you bind?

thanks, Erika
Erika Ripley
Periodicals Librarian
Fondren Library Center
Southern Methodist University
P O Box 750375
Dallas, TX 75275-0375