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Journal holdings question: ACOG Rhonda Altonen 12 Aug 2005 15:27 UTC

We are about to send our issues of ACOG to the bindery and I want to
make sure I have all the issues. I am a fairly new staff member and it
seems to me from our check-in records a lot of these were not checked
in, and I wasn't sure if it was a publisher error.
Can someone kind soul commit a "random act of kindness" and send me the
holdings for the following ACOG titles:
*	Educational Bulletin
*	Committee Opinion
*	Technical Bulletin

Between the years 1995 and 2005

We seem to be missing quite a few and I do not want to have to rebind
these at some later date.

Thank you,

Rhonda L. Altonen
Denison Memorial Library
4200 East 9th Avenue
Box A003
Denver, CO 80262-0003

P: 303-315-5536

"I would be most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people
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Anna Quindlen
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