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Another funny but peripheral story (RE: [SERIALST] Technical services areas on public floor maps) Rick Anderson 19 Aug 2005 19:24 UTC

> The technical services staff ended up in what I understand
> was supposed
> to be a large closet -- an area smaller than the one they had
> in the old building.

Apologies, but I can't resist sharing this story (which is also off the
thread topic).

A few years ago, we were in early discussions with architects about the
design of a new library building.  We were talking about the location of
an elevator shaft that, for some reason, couldn't be embedded in an
outside wall; it was going to have to be inside the building somewhere.
At one point the architects mentioned, in an offhand way, that we would
of course need to have Circulation behind the elevator shaft.  We all
looked at each other, then looked at the architects as if they'd
suggested that we eliminate journal check-in.

"Why on earth would we put Circulation behind an elevator shaft?" we

They looked at us as if we'd questioned the genius of Frank Gehry.  "You
HAVE to have circulation there," they said.

"But people won't be able to see where to go when they want to check out
books," we said.

They looked at us as if we were space aliens with mullet haircuts.
"What does circulation have to do with checking out books?," they said.

We looked at them as if they... never mind.  Anyway, we finally figured
out, to everyone's mutual relief, that to an architect, "circulation"
means "space for people to walk."  It was pretty funny, but kind of a
sobering reminder of the Danger of Shop Talk.

Rick Anderson
Dir. of Resource Acquisition
University of Nevada, Reno Libraries
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