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Re: Open Letter to Research Councils UK: Rebuttal of ALPSP Critique Dan Lester 23 Aug 2005 15:30 UTC

I'm still waiting to see the proof of the "profits" of the public
institutions of higher education.

For a start, tell me about the University of Idaho which is millions
in the hole, or Boise State University, where I'm employed.  If you
tell me where those secret dollars are, I'll gladly go after them for
library materials, and also so that the employees get more of a raise
than the one percent we got this year.  At least that's better than
the zero percent of two of the last four years.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005, 7:07:59 AM, you wrote:

AH> The claim of finance managers to have no money is simply
AH> bogus in very many cases. As a matter of public record,
AH> the profitability of all higher education institutions
AH> increased by roughly the same percentage as they saved
AH> by cuts to library spending, as reported to the US
AH> Department of Education (see upcoming AGAINST THE GRAIN).

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